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We submitted our response to the Local Draft Plan–attached below. Next, the planning department will go through all the comments and in Aug-Sep next year will go through a pre-submission phase when comments can be made on the process; not the content. Then it will be submitted in Dec 2020, examined in May 2021 and adopted in Dec 2021. Unfortunately, the draft was written before the TWBC had declared a Climate Emergency. In our response, we have referred to the declaration though and hopefully they will take it to heart. During last week’s Tunbridge Wells Town Forum meeting, it was made clear to the representative of the Climate Emergency Advisory Panel (CEAP), which is a cross-party workgroup of councillors set up to implement actions in line with the Climate Emergency Declaration, that any comments or advice they may offer will not be taken into consideration as the consultancy period is over. Hmmmm, how do we deal with that?

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