Minutes October 16th 2019

Minutes of Tunbridge Wells FoE meeting at Royal Wells Hotel Library Bar

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Attendees: Kate (Chair), Claire, John, Colin (minutes), Carole B, Marguerita,
Joanna, Phil, Geoff
Apologies: Marieke, Steve, Caroline, Aimee, Rod, Jayne, Tess
Minutes of 10 September – approved
Feedback on Climate Emergency Day – Sunday 6 October at The Forum
 Good speakers
 Well organised
 A bit disjointed, with band / speakers / band
 Would be better in summer
 How to attract more (new) people?
Youth Town Forum – feedback from meeting 11.10 between Adrian Berendt
(Chair of TW Town Forum), Marieke and Claire
 Town Forum visit 12.09 by school children was positively received
 Possible initial interest from following schools that have environment co-
ordinates: Beechwood, SKA, Skinners’, Bennett, St. Gregory’s, TWGGS,
Holmewood House, Langton Green Primary, St. James Primary – schools to
be contacted
 Proposal to have “Swishing” (2 nd hand) event Easter 2020
 Liaise with Town Forum to try to arrange kick-off get together for all
interested young people
Plastic Pollution Bill: Carole B to contact Greg Clark on behalf of TW FoE
Plastic Free TW (Joanna)
 Zero waster shop is planned in Pantiles -> possible launch venue?
 Proposed to start with focus on one area (e.g. Pantiles)
 Need to get support from:-
o AXA (Aimee actioning)
o 1/3 of schools
o Community groups (e.g. scouts, round table)

o Council (need champion – Marguerita – and for council to pass
motion supporting)
o Website / Facebook page currently in preparation (Joanna to ask
Liz to send link to Marieke)
o Contact TW Together to try to get their support

Refill Scheme (Phil)
 Now have 42 signed up in TW
 Incorporate publicity into Plastic Free TW activities
Climate Emergency Declaration
 First meeting scheduled for 24.10
 Matt Bailey has taken over from Ronan Basu as cabinet member with
responsibility for sustainability
 Matt considered to be unlikely to actively “drive” the issue, so will
probably need “pressurising”
 Marieke to advise of any “useful guidance” she is aware of from FoE head
Social Media and Website (Geoff)
Current followers:-
 211 (+24) on Facebook (+1100 engagements in past 28 days / +3100 reach)
 120 (+37) on Twitter
 112 (+9) on Instagram
There is a Facebook TW tree planting group, organised by Mischa Bray, with 67
people. (Geoff to contact)
Ecosia search engine recommended, as it funds tree planting
Consultation on the Tunbridge Wells Local Plan
 Colin gave feedback from meeting on 09.10
 Consultation period end has been extended from 01.11 to 15.11
 Marieke to prepare and circulate proposed TW FoE response
 Members to consider including in their responses objections to
development of Great Hall car park and surrounding area (which already
has planning permission)
Next Meetings: Wednesday 20 th November regular monthly meeting;
Wednesday 18 th December social event

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